I think we have arrived!

28 Jun

I think we have arrived!

greetings and salutations from Red Ant fashion. thank you for stopping by our word press. as this is my first post i feel i should introduce myself……

Where does my story begin……I guess my true path started the night my son and I were in a near death car accident back in 2001. Before that I was pretty much a young lost girl who happened to also be a mother. I had no direction and little desire to participate in my own life let alone life in the great scheme of things. Everything inside my body screamed out for death or anything that would make me disappear from the world I knew and resided in…Being fearful of my future and not knowing how to grasp control of my own destiny, life stepped in and slammed me hard onto a path that has lead me here today with who I have become.

It was Thanksgiving weekend 2001 and my son and I were driving home to Californian from New Mexic on the I-40. my mother, little sister and her daughter were driving a rental following behind us.

It was a hectic holiday as crazy seems to run high in the family and when crazy sets itself loose I packed my things and fled as fast as I could. emotions running high and eager to get home, stopping for the night was the last thing I was willing to do.

My Truck came up on a small bridge that was on a rather wide long turn. As my truck approached it at 70 miles an hour we hit black ice. my truck spun and flipped and bounced all while rolling down an embankment. my son flew out the vehicle and landed about 30 feet across the highway. being he was sleeping and only a 6 year old little buddle of boy he suffered very little injuries. it was as if the powers that be plucked him from the vehicle themselves and plopped him down out of the way of danger. he broke his wrist and had some abrasions on his chest. I on the other hand was entangled somewhere inside the truck that landed upside down and crushed almost flat. I lost the use of my legs that day…at the time they said it was permanent but as life would have it that wouldn’t be the case. I would walk again and have regained full use of both my legs along with full use of my lower body. aside from the scuttle when I walk and the small limp that occurs when I was tired or moving to quickly most don’t even notice that something is perhaps different about my legs.

During recovery and spending endless days in bed with nowhere to go I started manifesting my own emotions as it was through art. It became a way for me to express myself and how I was feeling and all the ugliness I felt inside. Most of my first pieces were constructed from my bed and I shed many tears with each creation.

over the years I moved around allot and sold my wares at festivals, and fairs. I worked with many beautiful, scary, amazing, talented and loving people doing fashion shows, art installations, and other collaborations etc.

I studied somatic therapy in my early twenties and then psychology and psychic development later on in my early thirties. I do believe my studies as well my art and experiences on my journey have helped me become the woman and mother I am today. Its not only given me a platform to speak my voice but also given me strength to face my demons and learn to love myself and accept and understand the world around me.


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2 Responses to “I think we have arrived!”

  1. knitnrun4sanity June 29, 2013 at 7:42 am #

    This is a very brave first post. It is powerful and I wish you well. I hope you get as much from your experience as i have. Good luck. Xxx

    • bellsandstitches September 26, 2013 at 6:36 pm #

      Thank you sooooo much!!!! I am so honored and grateful you enjoyed my first post. I hope you will continue to read and follow along. if there is any thing you would like me to talk more about or do tutorials on or anything please feel free to let me know….i am always curious on what others are wanting to know more about. And i hope you will stay tuned in and share, would love to hear more of your thoughts…
      many blessings

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