RATZ!!! aka Leg Warmers…

29 Jun

     I have heard them called meaning things in reference to what they actually are…..different versions of the classic 80’s Leg warmers.  Seeing how the days of flash dance are over, the Sub culture dancing girl wears a different style of appearal……

Well I might have to retract that last statement about the days of flash dance being over as “Flash Dance” is on Broadway now and just came through Minneapolis about a month or so ago.  That was good fun to see all these older women drinking at the hotel where I work in spandex and colorful Legwarmers up to their mid thighs.

Weather being Referenced as Gaters, Boot covers or as i like to call them RATZ they are all just Leg Warmers of one sort or another.  Image

   Being as I like to play with yarn, I crochet to create my version of Leg warmers known as RATZ!.  So these Ratz shown above are worn so they cinch right above the knee.  Now this will change depending on how tall you are.  for shorter women they will hit mid thigh and for average to taller women it will stop right below the knee.  I usually wear them so the drawstring ties on the outside of my leg.  Tie it to comfort and then then i found that if you wear a garter belt you can then hook the garter to the front and back of each leg.  The reason I attach the garter belt is because as we all know women’s legs begin to curve as you go higher up the leg into the thigh area.  as we all know gravity is not always are friend and regardless of how we might try eventually the legging will begin to slip throughout the night and lets be honest who wants to have to worry about adjusting their legging throughout the night.  For those you have never worn a garter belt it is really simple, they just attach like a bra around your waist and have little hook like snaps you attach at the front and back of each legging.  Regardless of what kind of Lady you are, there is something sexy about how you feel wearing a garter under your clothes.  Its like wearing fancy underwear, whether you seen it or not you know its there and it makes you feel sexy which can change your whole mood for the night. And depending on your attire you can show a little or a little of that upper thigh flashing or displaying that strap of your garter.  I have been called a “sexy raggedy Anne doll” on more than one occasion…..you’d be surprised what men find attractive, i think at times it surprises them what fantasies you can imprint on them with a little modern day sex appeal and a splash of creative charm or a little yarn to throw in the mix.


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