Ratz Pattern

29 Jun


I have taught people how to crochet in the past and I have worked with children as well adults.  i teach a little different then most as i do not know how to read patterns. I have been crocheting and sewing since I was a small child.  I grew up with artists as parents who were self taught in just about everything having to do with art and music.  I learned at a very young age how to watch the way someone does something and then repeat the process myself and create my own twist to it.  Mostly everything I create was an accident at one point in time and with trial and error I eventually found my way with how i liked it to look.  Because of this you will find that all my creations have a very raw hand made feel to the way they look. As this is what most have found why they love my creations some have said it looks unfinished or not professional enough.  well…. to each their own and everyone has a way they like to see things.

that being said,  I can share my patterns with you however as i am a visual hands on learner it is easier for me to show you how to make things then to actually type out step by step instructions.  For this reason as i start to blog more I will not only give you some basic instructions for you to find you way on how to make some of my more classic designs I will also attempt to post some tutorial videos of how to create some of these styles as well how to incorporate them into your own looks and how to wear them.

For the Ratz like the ones posted in the picture above…….

I start by single crocheting a row of 30 stitches.  Once you have done this connect the chain so you have created a circle.  this will be your opening of your Leg warmer where it sits right above your knee.  Once you have created your circle continue to crochet around your circle creating a tube.  I will usually crochet about 5 to 10 rows down depending on how fast i want the leg to start to bell out.  You can have it bell out quickly or create a more bell bottom look by crocheting further down before starting to add more stitches.  For now as this is your first pair, crochet down 5 to 10 rows.  For this next part most people count their stitches, I however don’t.  i eyeball everything. i know some say that is bad or incorrect or how will both match exactly if you don’t count…..well to answer that…I am not entirely sure but i have found from my experience that yarn can be forgiving and i have a hell of an eye!  🙂 …..OK, so….Once you have gone down 5 to 10 rows start to add stitches slowly the rest of the way down.  basically every few rows from this point on stop and do a double stitch along the way.  If you want you can count and lets say do a set of a dozen single stitches and then do a double stitch. go 12 more single stitches and then do another double and so on and so forth.  If you find that your leg is belling out to quickly it will begin to ruffle and create a scallop.  you don’t want this.  you want it to gradually open bigger as you go down.  if it does begin to scallop stop adding stitches and only do singles until evens out.  you can also pull stitches out in order to back track until you get more comfortable with seeing how your leg progresses.  Once your leg is belled out as far as you want it to go stop adding double stitches and only do single until you reach the desired length of your leg.  once you have finished your leg its time to move on and start the other leg.  If you are concerned on legs matching you can keep a notepad next to you and just write down simply how many rows you went before adding a stitch etc creating your own formula and using it so they match exactly to the way you just created for yourself.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask…I will always gladly take the time to stop and chat if needed.  I will also try and make a video sometime later this week to post so you all can have a visual to look at as far as what the heck I am talking about.  If your anything like me it helps to have a visual aide to see what someone is talking about.

well good luck!!!! please,  if you decide to create your own and would be willing to share we would all love to see what you come up with…. post a picture of your creations

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