Tie Ratz

4 Jul


So, i am still working on this whole video thing….I promise as soon as i figure it out you all will be the first to know.

As we are discussing Ratz or Leg warmers right now, i thought i would show you some other ideas for your leg coverings. …..

Back when i lived in Seattle, 2003-2004 in a house Known as “Bluehouse” (no… the house was not blue) I designed with whatever I could get my hands on.  I didn’t have allot of money for supplies so all donations and hand me downs had to do.  I was given a box of neck ties and I had seen people use them for designing clothes over the years.  I was never really excited over the skirts and tops I had seen created from them so i didn’t want to reproduce something I would never wear myself. Just the same the easiest way to figure out what to do with something is to start playing with it.  when seem ripping the Ties open and pressing them flat I discovered they already have the perfect shape for a woman’s leg cover.  they are skinny and then naturally bell out.  Naturally decided to see if  I could design a pair of Ratz.

First I picked out colors that matched and then i began ripping and ironing flat.  i stitched all the sides together until they wrapped around my leg nicely and still had room to bend and move.  they fit snug above the knee and flare bell bottom style as they float down to the ankle. I used small pieces of fabric to create loops in front and back of the top of each leg to connect the garter belt.  I tried to use the natural shape of the Ties so i left the points of the bottom of the ties and let them hang naturally at the bottom.  around the top I rolled and sew the edges raggedly giving it each its own look keeping it a little raw in style.  below is a pic of how they turned out.

TRIVIA QUESTION………So for anyone that can answer this question, I will personally design and create a pair of Ratz just for you in your favorite colors free of charge!!!!

Above I stated I lived in a house in Seattle referred to as “Bluehouse”…..who can tell me what is “Bluehouse’??


To purchase your own set of  Red Ant Tie Ratz

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