History of Red Ant Hair extensions

17 Jul

it seems fashion and beauty are all wrapped into one.  Some see fashion only as wearing it if it  is functional while others its solely on how it looks and makes you feel.  Although…..sometimes looking good and feeling good in your attire don’t always go hand in hand.  Sometimes looking amazing is a painful process. Women s Hair is a perfect example of this.

So if your anything like me you don’t have much hair to work with and i don’t have time for it to grow beautiful and long so i have some to work with.

Back in the spring of 2000 I was dying skeins of yarn for my mothers hat business when i came across a spool of Mohair yarn. The way it felt and moved it reminded me my childhood and “Fragle Rock” .  “Red”  was my favorite Muppet.  She had these huge pom pom  pick tails that bounced around on her head.  So naturally I dyed that particular skein bright crimpson Red.

I created two rubber bands with strips of thin elastic so they would be strong but smaller then normal pony tail holders.  I then cut the yarn into strips.  once i had my pile of yarn all cut i began tying the yarn around the elastic circles i had created.  Soon i had two identical hair ties out of beautiful fluffy bright red Mohair.  I then grabbed to normal rubber-bands and created to pick tails on top of my own head.  After i got my pick tails in place i wrapped a red fluffy scarf I had found in my closet around the front of my head.  I attached my Mohair Yarn creations over and on my pick tails and I instantly had cute fluffy yarn hair.


As time when on my new hair had changed and progressed as any creation does with time. the hair pieces became longer and i played with different ways of constructing them.  I did some with the elastic like my first pair and then others i created and glued on top of plastic hair claw clips (they were fun and easy but the clips after time gave you a headache from pinching your head tight for so long).  I started playing with adding fake hair in the hair pieces and cutting strips of fabric and ribbon and adding them in them.


Eventually i grew tired of the process of getting them off and on my head every night.  Every time i got dressed up I had to go through this while process of getting them on and off.

A friend of mine in Seattle knew how to do hair extensions.  I had asked her if it was possible to do them but use yarn or other fibers instead of hair.  I cut the strips and she began parting my hair.  6 hours later i had a full head of hair of braids constructed out of yarn that extended down to my waist.  i didn’t have to pin, adjust, wrap or anything.  it sat like long braids on top of my head and all i had to do was style it.  I fell in love!


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