Raven and Red Ant

17 Jul


Every culture, religion or just any individual standing alone has their own interpretation to symbols, or has their own beliefs for the meaning of objects, symbols, actions etc……..I think you get what i am trying to say.

Growing up I found myself surrounded by many different types of religion and belief systems.  My mother was christian, my father baptist, my grandparents catholic and Jewish.  We celebrated a little of all in the house and I toured most churches in the Los Angles area growing up.

I think the one thing that stuck with me throughout my life from such exposure was a basic baseline of morals, from right to wrong as well a huge sense of modesty.  Beyond that I learned to FEAR, to fear death and to fear my own basic instincts as well trust that life has a natural process and will balance itself if only allowed.

My parents were not just religious, they were also artists and intellectuals as well modern day hippies of their time.  We spent allot of time in nature, hiking, boating on the lake, watching the perfect sunset on the beach etc.  They also exposed us more than I think they realize to different cultures, ways of life and walks of life that most children would not have had the opportunity to see or experience. ….good or bad.

For me there is no right or wrong there just is.  to each their own but for myself I have based most of my beliefs from personal experiences in my life and how it resonates within me.

If you look at early years of Red Ant you will notice there are allot of symbols that have influenced my work and took hold from the very beginning.  The one that has been consistent from the very beginning is the Raven

The Raven for me is where it all began……………


Ravens have many different meanings but for me they represent death and beyond.  They are the messengers from the other side and remind me that we  are not alone.  They have one foot in the realm of the living while the other is on the other side of the veil.  They guide us out of the darkness and into the light.

My very first Red Ant piece was a male and female version of a raven.  I constructed them from netting, yarn and assorted bird feathers while bed ridden and unable to walk.  They were created from my pain of dying on the side of that road Thanksgiving weekend and this rebirth I was quickly thrown into.  Through my own death symbolically and almost literally my life was changing, I was changing and it was painful and sorrowful and much was being released.  The more i surrendered to it, the more I cried and the more I created.  The more manic I became, the more questions i had and the more I listened the more I cried out.  Nothing looked the same, nothing felt the same and nothing would be the same ever again.


“Creating Beauty from Sadness”


To see more images of Ravens throughout Red Ant 

click the links below



Trivia question……….who was the original male raven outfit made for and whom currently owns the coat?

This is a double question as the person the coat was originally made for and the person who currently owns the coat are not the same

For anyone who can answer this question I will custom make you your very own pair of raven wings.

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