18 Jul


I have been playing with yarn since i was a very little girl so it didn’t seem that far fetched that I would attempt o construct a pair of wings with the same basic tools as to make a hat.  My first pair I did was back in summer of 1999. I had set fire to my wedding gown and watched the bottom half completely burn off.  When putting it out I discovered it had this beautiful fire fringed edging that actually inspired what would be the beginning of something delightful.  It looked so magical and yet something was missing.  I found some old wire hangers in the back of my closet and began taking them apart.  I pulled out the crocheting tools and began my work.  Wrapping the wires fully with floral tape and then finally connecting the end together creating two circles that intertwined and connected in the middle.  I pulled and stretched until the took shape that I desired and then wrapped some more with floral tape.  I found some white fuzzy yarn and began crocheting tightly around my circles.  once they had fully crocheted edges i began knotting and wrapping my string to create a spider web throughout my piece.  I cut strips of yarn and began to tie them in slip knots at every cross section on my spider web.  this takes much patience and lots of tie and cutting.  once my wings were nice and fluffy i started gluing in white and cream colored turkey feathers I had.  Now all that was left was a way to secure them to my back.  I rope belt seemed efficient enough so i took many spools of yarn and began crocheting them together to create a long and thick chain.  with a little adjusting i looped and tie it through the center of my two circles and over my shoulders, then under my arms and around my back where I simple created a bow.

and the story of my first pair of wings……………..


Not much has changed since then except i no longer use wire hangers.  Honesty i am not even sure one gets wire hangers anymore these days.  I prefer copper wire or really thick gardening wire that is like 9 gage.  its thick and hard to bend and with some basic hardware you can fasten it and have a really strong structure that wont bend and squish and flop throughout the night.  My originals thought had a beautiful delicate look to them were indeed delicate.  These days you can jump and bounce around all night and the structure will keep its shape.


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