RAW Artists Minneapolis

23 Jul

Here is a video made by one of Raw artist team for RawArtistTv on Youtube (Video guys name unknown) . I had the pleasure of participating in a Raw event this last February of 2013.

So back in January 2013 I received a phone call from Raw asking if I would participate in their event.  I do love collaborating and working with new people.  So naturally I said yes.

Since then I have been approached by other organizations to participate int heir events which are similar to RAW and I have sadly turned them down.  Its not that I didn’t enjoy working with RAW or I don’t believe in what they do because that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  I think creating a platform for new young artists to showcase their work is an amazing thing and I wish more people and organizations would do so.  There are many talented and amazing young people out there that just need help finding a direction on where to showcase or even how to go about it.


So….here is  my thing.  I’m not a young new artist that’s has not be in  the scene or ever gotten my feet wet.  For me Raw was an awesome experience and I got to see how others are doing things.  I also got to meet some amazing talented young women and men and I had the pleasure of working with a few as well.  However that being said.  When all said and done and all that Raw promises they do, I didn’t feel they did enough for their talent.  The way they have their formula set up is that every Raw artists involved in this event was to sell 20 tickets at $10 each.  if you couldn’t sell them then you had to pay for the rest…meaning regardless whether you sell them or not they are charging you $200 to participate in their event.   Now the problem with that for me is all of these people sell their tickets to family and friends so Raw Has you sell all the tickets and we have a packed house of family and friends.  Now one could argue we did pack the house and now you have expanded your network amoungst others family and friends…..the problem is that all these family and friends came to do is support…..not to buy, shop, invest, publish, network etc.  Everyone wants a packed house but you want it NOT to be one big family gathering if you are trying to get exposure, network, meet potential clients etc.  

I was also told that they would be promoting this event but that we should promote ourselves as well to help get the word out.  well if you are a new young artist your going to this organization and you paying $200 so you don’t have to mostly because you don’t have or know  the resources to do so.  So naturally one would assume that the organization that is holding this event is promoting, running adds maybe, perhaps hooking up with the local radio station something.  Well as the event was approaching I searched and i listened and i found nothing.  There was a small little add for it under the venue listing int he local paper.  it mentions it on its face book page and i am sure a few other places within their own network but mostly they rely on the artist s selling tickets and their own word of mouth.  It makes sense considering that if each artist involved sells 20 tickets , they wouldn’t need to advertise much and get the word out seeing how they artists would pack the house themselves.  I guess for me my question remains do he artists who participate in RAW help build and promote their portfolio or did they help get your name out there.


what I personally would like to see to see it moving more in the direction of…….I would like to see them highlight one or two f their artists for each show by getting them to talk about their art and the event on the local radio channel.  maybe get public tv station (access i think it is called) to come out and do a story on the event live.  Give away tickets through promotions on radio or online through one of their cyber medias (facebook or their own website) maybe get involved with the college radio so they can advertise through them (the colleges usually have their own papers as well that they could have writes up in).  get some of these artists interviews or articles written up about them in the local papers or website magazines.  have some of their stories told………..who are these artists involved in these events and why aren’t they showcased and promoted before the event?   I would like to see these artists getting promoted and showing them the ropes with getting their names and their art out there and through this promoting your organization and selling tickets. .

Please don’t take me the wrong way because I do not have hard feelings towards this organization or any for that matter that is doing this sort of thing for artists.  i am simply just sharing my own views and observations of my own experience in the industry and working with this organization or any for that matter.  The video promo they made for me I think is really amazing which is why I am posting it here in my blog and sharing it with all of you.  AS well they had this very talented photographer that took all these amazing shots in this post and i feel very blessed to have received them.  I do wish they would have let me know who these talented individuals are  that took these photos and video so I might be able to give them proper credit for their work.


BONUS OFFER…….Since we are on the subject of media and new talent looking to build their portfolios. ….Red Ant is looking for a Freelance for hire $$$$$.  I need someone to write articles and actually get them published.  If your interested please contact me and let me know what you think you can do .

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