Bella Boutana Ball Gowns

27 Jul

It started with my own fairy tale going terribly wrong at a very young age.  I was still a child when i had a child of my own.  Strange to look at my son now and know I was his age when i gave birth to him.  He seem so young and still so much a little boy though he is off to college and living on his own.

After the divorce the thought of passing on my wedding gown from a failed marriage seemed like a horrible idea for a family heirloom. At first I just kept the dress white and set fire to it creating my first fairy costume and my very first pair of Red Ant wings ( see “Everything wings” blog post) .

Later though i had an event to attend so i pulled out the dress one more time.  I began to paint it fire red with accents of yellow and orange to match my new fuzzy yarn extensions (see “History of Red Ant Hair extensions” blog) .

 I soon after decided to paint my boots the same to match.  many hours later I had a fully fire flame outfit and a pair of fire red wings to match.


My grandmother use to use the term “Boutana” throughout my childhood.  She used the term to describe loose women or if she felt she didn’t like the way one of us girls dressed or dyed our hair she would tell us that we looked like a “Boutana” and not to portray ourselves that way (way old school way of thought) .  Though the actual true English translation of “boutana” is Twat,  it was used to describe a “whore” in my family.


Throughout history A woman wore white to her own wedding representing her innocence as a bride, untainted.  As I had mutilated and painted and finally set fire to my own gown the thought of it being innocent seemed  far beyond anything that would remotely be considered untainted.  So I coined the phrase Bella (beautiful) Boutana (whore) ….”Bella Boutana”

Now you that you know the how the dress and name originated, lets discuss the actually gowns, shall we……

Each gown is a one of a kind created from a wedding , Prom or those horrible Bridal gowns that we have all had to endure at some point in our lives.  Each dress is ripped apart and reconstructed or Up-Cycled as they call it these days.  I set grommets down the back of the gowns to give it full adjustability to every woman’s shape and size but also I love the look of a costed back whether laced all the way shut or leaving a beautiful V from top to bottom that flows into a big beautiful Bustled Back side.  each gown is hand painted with fabric paints and for those that like to shimmer lots and lots of Spray glitter.  once the gown is fully constructed and painted to desire I pull out my favorite tool , The Blow torch and set fire to the edges.


My favorite thing about these gowns is that satin and silks when painted and burned, they have this paper like texture and movement when worn. I love this effect!  No matter who you put one of these dresses on, they just look amazing and you cant help but to stare and watch the gown as it moves across the room.


To purchase your own Bella Boutana Ball gown

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Custom orders are Encouraged!

If you have your own gown that you would like modified and reconstructed please let me know and we will adjust the price as well work with you to create your very own personalized Gown.

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