28 Jul

After the first show back in April of 2003, I would receive a phone call from the Venue, asking if I would be willing to do it all over again except this time, open up for “David Jay” (Love And Rockets).  With only a few weeks to prepare we scrambled to put back together the crew one more time.


Doing the first show, we never thought it would be as such a success as it was.  It literally was my little sister and I making things up as went.  We had no idea what we were doing and plans for the future beyond the event wasn’t something we actually thought about.


For the Original show Sarah and I had called anyone and everyone we know and began talking to their friends and so on.  before we knew it we were talking to anyone and everyone who would listen and was willing to participate in some compacity of another.  Neither us knew anything about having a fashion so but we did have crazy artists for parents, and growing up as fair brats and a father who is an attorney helped more than we ever imagined. In the end we had 2 make-up artists and hair stylists, 4  go go dancers, 88 models, 1 videographer, 3 personal assistants and a dj.  Models came from everywhere.  We had one model travel all the way from Canada to participate.  Sarah and I were surrounded by strangers we barely knew if we knew them at all.  Some we didn’t meet till the day before the event at rehearsals at the venue.  Luckily for us there was small handful of crew that actually did know who we were but also had experience in doing productions.  Everyone stepped in and stepped up where it was needed without asking and due to this we not only packed the house but had the best Red Ant fashion show known to date.


Getting back to “David Jay”……… We accepted the invitation to open up for the singer and began our process.  The southern Renaissance Fair going on at the time and it would be my first time with my booth at the fair.  This was a very exciting time for me.  But this also meant that we would have to do the show, and pack up and get to the fair site as fast as we possibly could.  This would prove to be a challenge since most of my merchandise would be in the fashion show.   Awe, to be young and crazy and full of ambition…….

So we put back together the core crew and added some new additions as well. Diva Zappa, frank Zappa’s youngest daughter was working at the Renaissance fair and had stopped into my mothers booth and my mom had thought she should model for me.  I at the time had no idea who she was, let alone that Zappa had a Youngest Daughter.


This show wouldn’t be as big as the first show, we had half the size of cast and crew. We felt this to be a little more manageable and we were able to go a little more elaborate with the costumes, clothing and hair and make-up.

The models looked amazing and we all felt really good about our work.  The night of the event came quick and as we were in the “red Room” in the back (green room)  waiting to go on I get called into the dressing room where “David Jay” is getting ready.

Nervous like child being called into the principles office I decide to have someone go with me, A beautiful 7 foot “drag queen” I had done up like a Gothic Peacock.  We enter the dressing room were it is explained to me that I shouldn’t go on stage.  Apparently the singer and his people felt that I was a “Nobody”  and began to explain to me that no one knew who I was or cared so it didn’t make a difference if i went on stage this evening.  They further explained the singer is on tour with his new album and should go on without an opening act. As they were telling me this ever so politely  it was also clear they needed me to agree to this.  I simply responded that thought this might be a fashion show promoting me, I don’t pay my crew or models for what they are doing.  Everyone involved in putting on a Red Ant show is strictly volunteer.  Not only has my crew spent money from their own pockets for hotel rooms and supplies, etc but they also have taken the last 48 hours off from their own lives, work etc to do this for a woman, me, that they barely know and yet believe in for one reason or another.  I told them I would have to ask the crew and the decision would solely be up to my crew.

When gathering up the Red Ant crew and explaining the situation and asking them for their thoughts……it was hands down no one was willing to back down and walk away from their hard work.  So…..well the singer waited in his dressing room for our answer I went ahead and took the stage under the authority of the owner of the venue.

The show must go on…….Once word had gotten to the back that we took the stage, panic arouse and people came running back stage to pull the plug.  Our Red Ant Dj took to the sound booth and locked himself in.  It was time to move things along.  I lined up the models and redirected them to move quickly and keep things moving just at a much faster pace.  Our show was normally 45 minutes long in performance and with the extra push we got in down to 20 minutes.  One the last model had hit the stage it was time for me to go out.  I grabbed the arm of my escort and to the stage we went.  The crowd went wild with applause and from what we could tell the audience had no clue that anything had taken place.  as far they were concerned the show went off as it was originally suppose to.




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