17 Aug

The first time I saw a bustle constructed in a way that made sense to me because you were able to just attach it on and off with a simple drawstring was at a Steampunk event @ “Old Tucson Studios”. They were designed by miss “damsel in this dress”
Hers stuff is amazing!!!!
The bustles she was constructing were made from scrap fabric and had all raw edges and were fraying on the bottoms. They were very small and short but ever so cute. She had figured out a way to take her throw away fabric/scraps and create something fun and flirty and easy to incorporate into your cosplay costume.  She was wearing two at once , One she wore in the front and one was worn in the back creating a micro mini skirt worn over a pair of bloomers she had also made. So naturally i had to purchase several of them.  I do indeed own a few of her bustles in my personal collection that I love ever so much and do wear when i get dressed up.

That being said, her art very much influenced and inspired me to create a bustle of my own for Red Ant Fashions.

 Now, I have made bustles before in the past but I had always just made a make shift bustle from pieces of fabric that i have pinned or altered in some fashion to construct a bustle in the back of my corsets.  And of course I have in the past cut off trains and bustles from wedding gowns and painted, set fire to and grommeted to create attachable bustles.


Since then I have created several different types of bustles that are now apart of the Red Ant collection .  My bustles are all serged around the edges and i like to use different colored thread on my serger to add accent in color as you would with trim.


They are each assembled differently and  i use all sorts of fabrics for my bustles, anything from scraps, lace feathers, netting etc.  They also run in different lengths.  i have a mermaid bustle that is long and creates a train down your back side and short bustles to just cover your bum.


 I also have a bustle i have named the “2 Ruffle Bustle”.  It is constructed from a half circle and only has to ruffles like the name suggests.  This bustle has a certain youth about it and it tends to be most popular among the young burners and circus performers.  Its very simple yet flirty for the girl that wants to make a statement but not be to bold or outspoken.  Also because this bustle is simple it makes it easy to perform in.  this is always an advantage when your talents revolve around a hula hoop or other such talents that require a more simplistic attire but the performer still wants to have flare in their wardrobe.


I personally think bustles are a great accent for any Cosplay costume.  I have seen them worn in many different fashions as well.  I have seen women turn them into backless tops using the drawstrings to create straps that wrap and tie around the back.  Some of my customers will wear them as aprons and i have also seen them worn as capes or shrugs.  Creatively i ave seen them worn wrapped over shoulders and worn as detachable sleeves or two around the waist creating a skirt. With a little imagination the bustle has many different functions and can be worn in many different fashion styles.

For those that want to learn how to create a Red Ant Bustle…….

Now you can create your own Steampunk bustle. Here is a little tutorial I made walking  you through step by step on constructing your very own Cosplay Steampunk Bustle. Many good tips of the trade are shared in this video.  Its a great beginner video for those that want to learn how to create their own Cosplay costumes.  I love sharing information on where to go shopping and how to find the right tools to make it easier to sew and create your own designs.




So Today’s Trivia Question is …..can you guess how many times I say “so basically” in my tutorial? The person who can guess the right number of times i use this phrase in my video will win their very own custom order SteamPunk Bustle made by yours truly!

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