Hair styles

17 Aug

So when it comes to hair there are so many different styles to choose from.  Everyone has their own technique and flare that they like to use.  if your like me, you don’t have much to work with on top of your head. This is where wigs, hair extensions and your imagination comes into factor.


When playing with hair extensions there are several types.  There are the extensions made out of human or synthetic hair, extensions made from yarn and fabric (Red Ant style), and hand made dread locks just to name a few. Now you can combine any of these types of hair extensions on your head and create a whole new style of hair on your head or you can use just one form to accent what you already have on top of your head. Either way you should always use your own hair as the base and if at all possible combine your hair with other types of extensions so it blends better creating a look that frames your face rather than it looking like you put a mop hat on top your head…..


You don’t just have to limit yourself to just different types of hair extensions.  I always encourage people to get creative! Use what  you have in your surroundings.  This can be feathers, jewelry, animal pelts, goggles, scarves, beads, masks, bones, antlers, flowers, shells, netting, ribbon etc.  Look around your room or home and see what you have laying around that might be fun to attach to your head or would look amazing if made into a headdress for the evening.  With Patience, a little creativity and a whole hell of a lot of bobby pins and maybe some hair spray where needed you can create your very own style of hair or headdress.  Don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities.  If you don’t like the way it is coming along then take it out and try something else.


The more comfortable you get with playing with your hair and tying things in and bobby pinning the more elaborate you will find your self getting.  Just make sure you are anchoring things down.  The more you anchor it the less you will have to fuss over your head throughout the night. I find the best way to do this is start with your own hair and create buns or pick-tails to begin anchoring things to.  I always pick one thing at a time like , like start with a hair extension, then maybe a scarf and the some feathers, but the trick is anchor one where you like it and then the next so you literally are building on top of your head.


I will usually do my hair first before i even begin to start on my make up. This is due to my hair will usually be the inspiration for how i want my face to look. I have even been known to create whole outfits and styles just around what I created for my hair. Everyone is different so find what works for you.

I have created a beginners Tutorial on how to design your own hair style.  This is a very simple fun 50’s pin up inspired look with a twist.  This is something I will do to my own hair on the weekends when I bartend.  I personally find it simple and fast and makes me feel more girlie in my uniform.  I encourage you all to give it a try and see what you come up with.  learn the basics and from there expand and remember to just have fun with it. There is no wrong way when it comes to your imagination, there is only what works for you.


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