Lysine the Amino Acid

5 Sep

In fashion and the world of art it is never considered flattering to show up with a huge oozing sore festering on your lips/mouth.  As a young girl I have had to endure the pain and embarrassment of these sores on my face and mouth throughout my childhood and into my adult years.  My parents like so many other people automatically assume it is the same herpes which we know today as highly contagious and unmanageable.  i have been told for most of the years in my life it is caused from stress and a break down of my immune system and that i need to be extra careful to not spread it across my body or unto other people.  These sores started showing up on me at a very young age on life, around the age or 3 or 4.  My son also started getting them around the same age.  I have tried every remedy that someone suggests.  I have flooded my body with high dosages of vitamin C  or B12 and even have used the over counter creams known to help such sores.  In my twenties i was told to pop them as they grow on my face and put peroxide on them to dry them out and let them heal quicker.  But no matter what i have tried nothing seems to work and I am left with sores that eventually will spread from one sore to 3 or 4 and sometimes 5 sores on my mouth and lips at once and will remain swollen and extremely painful on my mouth for two weeks and sometimes longer.  Its just Embarrassing and no fun at all.


I am not the only one in my family that has this problem either.  All of my siblings have them and my siblings children as well my own child.  None of us have ever passed it to anyone nor have we spread it to any other parts of our body.  Frustrated I have doesn’t some research on my own and discovered there are in fact 3 different types of these sores and not all of them are what we think of when we say the word “cold sore”  From my readings i find that there are cold sores bu their are also canker sores and fever blisters and they may have similar symptoms but how you get them and treat them are a little different but most lump all three types together and treat as a herpes cold sore.  My biggest discovery is that it is more than likely the reason all of my family carries the disease but it has not spread to other people or different parts of pour body is because it was passed from mother and child and this is how it is transferred to one person to the next.  When I read that it hit home for me and made so much sense.

Now that I knew that the type of sores i was getting on my mouth were not what everyone throughout my life had been telling me I had a new place to start for looking for a treatment that might work for me. I was having a conversation about it one afternoon with my boyfriend and he told me his ex-wife used to give this vitamin to his kids when they got the sores and it really changed their lives. Naturally i was curious because if their is a vitamin i could take then why haven’t Dr’s or my parents ever given it to me. Sure enough I researched it and found the vitamin Lysine.

Lysine is an amino acid that our body does not produce but helps in building tissue and fighting off disease. It is only found in some foods and not all. The two most major sources to acquire this amino acid is in Milk and wheat bread. The two foods we are told now not to eat because our body has a hard time digesting and allot of diets have you remove these two foods from your diet all together to loos weight and stay healthy. There are no veggies that you can eat that will get this amino acid and it is a building block for protein in your system.

I have started taking the vitamin and I have found I have not had a break out since i have started. twice now i have gotten the tingling sensation of one about to start and I take 3000 mg of it and it disappears in 24 hours literally. most people that take Lysine will take anywhere from 500-1000Mg a day on a regular basis. depending on what your body needs. But when under massive stress or too much of caffeine in your diet and you begin to feel that sensation of a sore coming on you up the dosage to 3000 for the next several days.

I have since then passed this information on to my siblings and children in my family and all have had the same results…..

For me, as a designer, a woman, someone who likes to be seen I don’t like having to try and cover up my mouth because it is in pain or swollen with sores. it is embarrassing, painful and something I have endured long enough in my life time. I have found that sometimes you have to look further than the initial information you are given and do some research on your own. I do not blame the organizations, institutions or anyone for not having this information ready available for me . But I am grateful that I was able to understand the symptoms that my body was having and was willing to investigate further to other possibilities to the cause and extremely grateful i was able to find a solution that works for me in my life and my families.

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