Matt Macosko and Psychic Connection Sept 26th Tune In

17 Sep

“I started Divine Tribe Hemp Clothing in 2002 and have been dedicated to making the highest quality products, made from Hemp,
Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Soy, Silk, PET(recycled white plastic), and any new fabrics that are eco-friendly.   These products are made in
factories that set the standard for labor practices.  I have inspected the factories and have talked with the employees on several
occasions.  I stand behind products that are durable and made from the best textiles in the world, I hope you will too.  “

Matt Macosko Is one of many who believes in the cause for the legalization of Hemp.  What started as a clothing company in 2002 has slowly evolved into more than just clothing but also includes many Eco Friendly Hemp products made to better our quality of life and sustainable for the earth.


“Imagine all sizes of profitable family
owned farms, rich food resources to feed
the world 10x over and a economy greater
than any other we have seen in history.
We are living this life on this globe without
products and industry that could make
surviving way easier.  We need it to be
legal.  Imagine not having to work so hard
in life for your food source a food source
that is so essential and pure it’s all you
need with water to support a healthy
human life.”

Thursday September 26, 2013 , Psychic Connection has invited Matt to join us on Air Live to discuss  the multi-purposes of Hemp in our culture.  He will be discussing some of  the issues surrounding Hemp and the difference between GMO and hybredization of the plant.

What is the reproduction survival rate in nature with the plant and why when growing we don”t use the seeds to reproduce the plant?

What is the future of this plant evolutionary if we continue to reproduce the plant in a controlled setting where it is not using its survival mechanisms to thrive in its environment?

Are their heirloom seeds out there in the world (like we have for other plants)….. Is it possible to get a direct descendant of this plant from its original organic state from where it originated in history?

What is the history behind the plant and what it origins were used for compared to modern day now?

Along with some of these questions Matt will also be sharing his own story of how he got involved with the movement and why he decided to start his own Eco-Friendly company surrounding the hemp Movement.


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