Psychic Connection

17 Sep

For those that don’t know, Red Ant is not just a fashion house filled with fun wearable art. My art is an expression of my own experiences that reflect on my own beliefs, curiosity, philosophy and the constant need to search for truth on my own journey in life. Because of this I not only design Art i also Co-Host a radio show that airs every Thursday afternoon, “Psychic Connection” Radio for the Intuitive Listener.

This weeks show….

……..Angels , Aliens and Prophecy 2 with Betsey Lewis! This Thursday on Psychic Connection Radio…..TUNE IN AND TURN IT UP! Radio for the Intuitive Listener.

Thursday’s are a busy day for the Ant Hill as “Psychic Connection”  is not just a BlogTalk Radio Show but also is a Live Stream show Thursday nights.  You can watch it  live on YouTube as it airs from Google Hangouts.

Art was something for me as a child that allowed me to express myself and after the car crash in 2001 was the only way I was able to express what was going on inside myself.  It became “Art Therapy”.  It created a platform to speak my voice and share my own story.  Along this journey I have found myself on a never ending quest for truth through expression, philosophy and science.  For me, it is about the journey we all must embark on at some point in our lifetime.  The journey within that in which no one can come with us, for every step you take moving forward , someone will take a step back.  Its the journey within us all and is the where we connect and discover the truth in which we truly are. Where mind and body and soul are one and through discovery we find the mystery on the never ending spiral that connects us all and yet only through compassion and understanding with the ability to listen to what is being sent forth through generations passing down through bloodlines may we find peace from within……for great change comes from within but can only create waves once created a ripple to begin.

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