10 Oct


Throughout my life people have always been asking where i find my wardrobe pieces. Whether make-up, accessories, Hair pieces or just simply my articles of clothing, People seem to be naturally curious of my style and flare.
Back in 2007 we had Opened a store front in Tucson, Az.  Though  it proved to be semi-successful many obstacles found themselves creating it challenging to stay thriving and alive.

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  I have been wanting to re-open the shop for some time now but on different terms and with more experience and knowledge this time around to set the platform to create from.  Thanks to modern technology and my many years of collecting data and information and lots of trial and error, i have been able to to re-open the Red Ant store online through social media sites such as Etsy as well other consignment and art websites out there now for artists to sell and update mini stores through there media outlet. But that is for my own designs that I create myself for the public to purchase.

      I have wanted to open a 2nd hand clothing store for many years now and though there are many already out there i wanted to do something a little different.  As someone of the burner community and working with many talented and amazing performers, i wanted to put together a one stop shop that is mixed with new and used clothing, costumes, hats, bags, accessories, make-up , hair, toys, and much much more for all to shop at without having to travel to find these odds and ends for your personal wardrobe and costume chest.  WELL, now I have!  Le Cirque is this boutique brought to life in a cyber setting……

Grand Opening Soon!


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