Happiness is the New Year Resolution

29 Dec

Happiness is my New Years Resolution for all of us!

The Psychic Seamstress


I have heard it said many times that we fall back into old patterns because of habit or familiar, a word people love to use for habit.  Well, how did we start these habits and how did they form?  Habits aren’t something you wake up in the morning and decide i am going to decide this is my new habit and yet every year at this time we are picking and choosing our NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS, which basically are new habits we have sat and decided we are going to create and make for the up coming new year.  But, if you notice for most of us, once we decide what these resolutions are we start on this new path of self discovery and it lasts for maybe a few days or weeks and then without even realizing it we go back to the old pattern, habit or what we…

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