The Real Club Medusa fashion Show

19 Jan

Welcome to the Ant Hill…Step inside and take a look around…..It’s “Carnevali”, Festival of flesh…….Chapter one has begun , so, have a seat and tune in and turn it up as the queen tells you the story of Medusa and The Red Ant on Valentines Eve 2004.

art director / producers

seann maria,
chris robinson (mozart)

Pan : Lane Daughtry

Jade Owens
Kristina Kokonis

Hannah Keenan
Briana Jones

The Red Ant
Rachel Woodward

Hair designs: Hannah Rames

Make-up: Cory German

Photography by:
Paul Costinsky
Matty Gladfelter
Sid Fox

Matty Gladfelter
Sid Fox

Tripple Goddesses
Kim Shillington Barnhart
Wendy Fujinaga

Beautiful Man

Bondage tying
Justin Rhodda

Moral Support
Snohomish Brown
Holly Lane
Nathan Barker
Atom Bomb
Jeffery toce

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