Antique Engagement Ring

28 Mar

An Antique Gimmel Ring


CONTENT- 14kt Gold

CONDITION- Good, I recently had a Rivot put in by a jeweler as the original was not there anymore

ERA- 1800s Victorian

ABOUT- An increasingly rare Gimmel or Gimmal ring. These are great for someone who would like a modern day non-traditional engagement / wedding ring. This ring works well when stacking with others, so can work as a wedding band as well.

A gimmal ring, or gimmel ring, is a ring with two or three hoops or links that fit together to form one complete ring. In the 16th and 17th centuries, such rings were fashionable in England, Germany, and other countries, and were often used as betrothal rings. The engaged couple would wear one hoop each and rejoin them to use as a wedding ring. With triple link rings, a third person could witness the couple’s vows and hold the third part of the ring until the marriage

*** Please note when opening this ring, do not pull the heart to open the band, the heart is sharp, only pull the bands to pull the rings apart as shown in photo 2.

SIZE- 5 and is not able to be sized because of its design

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