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Tribal belly dance, Burlesque Costume Bra

2 Apr


Feeling daring! Because I dare you! Check out these Sassy New Feathered Bra Tops! Whether Tribal, Goth, or simply a Queen of Drag, its hard not to be noticed when wearing one of these show stopping accent pieces! They are One Of A Kind Dark Fushion Gotta Havem Sexy Goddess Bra Tops!!!! Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

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Hair Extensions, Pony Tail and Hair Ties

1 Apr


They come in sets of two. you can wear them as one or in two. Just put your hair in ponytails and tie them in. Can be worn as falls or incorporated into your hair with many other funny things from your jewelry box to create a headdress.

I use many different fibers to create my falls, yarn, fabric, and sometimes i add human hair giving them each their own distinct look.

They can be made in any color combination you so choose, just let me know when ordering.

Please allow up to 6 weeks when ordering for delivery.

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Handmade, outer space, star wars, darth maul , steampunk bustle !!

21 Mar


Bring some flare to your bum! Plus, who doesn’t like a little ruffle bum?
This is a ready to ship item that’s one-of-a-kind. This ruffle bum makes for a great addition to any cosplay outfit, steampunk fashions, or just as an everyday fun accent piece! It’s popular among the youth (both physically and at heart) as well as young burners and circus performers. The design is easy to wear and perform in (even if it involves hula hoops). It’s a versatile piece that can be worn directly over the bum as a bustle, on the side of the hip for an accentuating look, around the front as an apron, or by combining two of them it can be made into a short and flirty skirt. All it takes is a little imagination as this fun bustle can become just about anything to aid in your fashionable style. It’s a simple bustle of wonders; it’s girly in style but rugged in design and versatility.

Soft Crochet Beret Tam Hat

20 Mar

Just pop this beret slouch hat over any type of hair style and enjoy the slouchy look in the back or for those days when you are not in the mood to fix your hair. It is light and comfortable.

BURNING MAN, MUSIC or any other type of festival we have just the thing to cover your head and keep you looking FABULOUS!

Care Instruction: Hand Wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry. Once full dried, give a little stretch to reshape to your own custom fit.

custom orders are welcome and always encouraged. just shoot us an email with your needs.

wholesale available upon request.


Take Our What Club Kid Are you Quizz

11 Feb

For the Individual who wants to stand out in the crowd

20 Jan

Rachel started The Red Ant to inspire people to let their freak flag fly. Every piece is an original work of art with a story behind it. These are showpieces that will get you noticed. They are for the individual that wants to stand out in the crowd. For those who live by the beat of their own drum. There is always truth in expression. So live your truth and wear RED ANT FASHION.


The Real Club Medusa fashion Show

19 Jan

Welcome to the Ant Hill…Step inside and take a look around…..It’s “Carnevali”, Festival of flesh…….Chapter one has begun , so, have a seat and tune in and turn it up as the queen tells you the story of Medusa and The Red Ant on Valentines Eve 2004.

art director / producers

seann maria,
chris robinson (mozart)

Pan : Lane Daughtry

Jade Owens
Kristina Kokonis

Hannah Keenan
Briana Jones

The Red Ant
Rachel Woodward

Hair designs: Hannah Rames

Make-up: Cory German

Photography by:
Paul Costinsky
Matty Gladfelter
Sid Fox

Matty Gladfelter
Sid Fox

Tripple Goddesses
Kim Shillington Barnhart
Wendy Fujinaga

Beautiful Man

Bondage tying
Justin Rhodda

Moral Support
Snohomish Brown
Holly Lane
Nathan Barker
Atom Bomb
Jeffery toce