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19 Oct

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With Hallows eve arriving soon…. Its not

17 Oct

With Hallows eve arriving soon….
Its not too late to get your Red Ant attire. Make your Night memorable and look Fabulous!!!!
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Happiness is the New Year Resolution

29 Dec

Happiness is my New Years Resolution for all of us!

The Psychic Seamstress


I have heard it said many times that we fall back into old patterns because of habit or familiar, a word people love to use for habit.  Well, how did we start these habits and how did they form?  Habits aren’t something you wake up in the morning and decide i am going to decide this is my new habit and yet every year at this time we are picking and choosing our NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS, which basically are new habits we have sat and decided we are going to create and make for the up coming new year.  But, if you notice for most of us, once we decide what these resolutions are we start on this new path of self discovery and it lasts for maybe a few days or weeks and then without even realizing it we go back to the old pattern, habit or what we…

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26 Dec

So what is today!!! Well not only isit the day after xmas and everyone is secretly thinking about the gifts that they want to exchange or return to get what they actually want!….and for some are counting up all the loot of cash and gifts cards they received from family members who thought it was too difficult to figure out what you wanted so they would rather you just do it yourself….awe the time of giving! WELL TODAY IS THROW BACK THURSDAY! So we are going to throw you some AWESOME ideas of things to get yourself for the new year!

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News Update for the month of December for The Red Ant

2 Dec


so the holiday season is upon us…not only are we all looking for those extra special gifts for our loved ones and friends but don’t forget the New Year is upon us as well. This means lots of parties and good times out and about on the town….do you know what you are going to wear?! Dress Up Time People! Red Ant will be having sales in the Etsy Store all month Long just for you! i will keep you posted on all the goodies you should check out. Not to mention we will be launching a whole new line of yummy goodness in the Red Ant store! Very exciting things coming soon.  STAY TUNED IN AND TURNED UP HERE AT THE ANT HILL!

Benjamin Stewart

18 Oct

Today We “Interviewed” Benjamin Stewart.  I admit I was extremely nervous about having him on the radio, as well actually speaking with him.  For those of you who don’t know,  Benjamin Stewart is a musician, filmmaker and public speaker. He is best known for his three independently released documentary films Esoteric Agenda (2008), Kymatica (2009), and Ungrip (2011).


I had stumbled upon his work several months ago when a friend on Facebook sent me a link and suggested I watch it.  I had seen the Zietgeist films and really enjoyed them.  Although I have to say, there is only so much of watching what  the banks, politicians and institutions are doing that a girl can handle watching all at once before her brain just shuts down from the sheer overload of the system.  Institutions  and the fact they are broken systems and don’t work has been something I have been painfully aware of since I was a very young adult/single mother.  However, they are interesting to me to hear the history but don’t peak my interest the way that the mind, and brain can grab me and hold me for hours exploring science, philosophy, and belief systems.

What first struck me about Ben’s movie “Kaymatica”, the first of the three I watched, was listening to Dr Bruce Lipton talk about the environment and stem cell research.  Back in 2000 when I was studying Somatic Therapies in my very early twenties, I had an amazing teacher whom talked about this concept of environment.  She had shown us students a film of research done with cells.  It had explained that our environment has such a huge impact on our cells that when you kill off the nucleus (brain) of the cell, the cell continues to thrive and live pulling information from the cell membrane (outer layer of the cell) and will actually adapt to its new condition in order to evolve and adapt to its environment.  When they took another cell and killed the cell membrane and left the brain untouched , what they found was the cell became paralyzed and died unable to function at all.  That video struck such a cord in me even at such a young age.  Made me realize that what we subject ourselves to  through music, sound, visual, words we choose to use or listen to, everything we immerse ourselves in plays a vital role on shaping who we are and how we function in our environment.  That concept caused my mind to wonder, are we genetically programmed at birth or  if we change our environment can we change the information we send through our systems creating change in who we are.  This concept, I had never heard anyone again talk about it or knew what the hell I was talking about until I watched Kymatica.  This grabbed my attention immediately and I wanted to know more.  I was now extremely curious and thirsty to the idea of exploring further down whatever road this was going.  It was like watching a light bulb throw itself on and all this data somewhere tucked away in my brain was pushed forward and I could recall it all as if it was yesterday.


Like a cyber stalker I began to Google and watching everything I could that he was doing.  His videos really resonated with me and I was so intrigued.  I then came across a video of an interview with Ben talking about art.  Up until I had watched this interview I had no idea he was a musician or an artist.  I actually had no idea who the hell he was at all.

 He was creating documentaries and if you watched his first one it felt like he was still sorting his thoughts out loud.  Esoteric Agenda, the way it was made had this feel of free flowing consciousness though spoken word and images.  The structure wove in and out of streams of consciousness creating its own fluidity.  It had a very raw feeling about it, almost as if it was still trying to figure itself out or what to do with this information that was purging itself or giving birth to itself as a concept being plucked from the mind and into actual tangibility in thought to the world.  It was inspiring to watch as it peeled back the layers to bring forth a man finding his own voice.

Listening to Ben talk about art in an interview, is what awestruck me.  As he was explaining art and the “Journey of the Fool”  , it validated so much of what I had been feeling inside and trying to convey for soooo long now.  Art for me has never been something that you learn all these steps and formulas and then put them together and the result is the end piece is what you get. The institution of school is what teaches you that.  As I am a fashion school drop out,  Red Ant for myself has always been and derives from my emotional state of being as well me in the moment and time I exist in right now. And sometimes those moments cross over the veil and into many different dementions and realities existing all at once whether inside my head, my heart or just simply in my world.

Red Ant gave birth to itself with my own sacrifice of life the night I died on the side of the road in a car crash back in 2001.  Creating wearable art was a way of art therapy and I found myself being able to express what was going on with me inside and out.  Through art  I was still discovering how to speak my voice.  Through raw materials and giving life to my own manifestations I was able to create that platform to tell my own story.  Through my journey I discovered my horrors, my fear, my laughter and my joy and eventually through massive destruction of my own ego I fell from my own grace.  Upon reemerging I discovered how to stand and in doing so I accepted my own power.  I guess for myself art is about going on that spiritual quest inside ones self.  Stepping out of your cognitive thought process and allowing these experiences we are having to emerge and wash over you.  In these moments there is much surrender and letting go and accepting that it is OK to just be whatever you are in that moment.  In those moments is where we find inspiration of  our own voice speaking through our creations and what takes shape is something beyond any formula someone can teach you.

So, now that my cage was rattled and he had brought forth what I had laid down to rest inside myself.  I had felt awoken from my slumber.  I was curious how he had so easily found a simple flow to move through these concepts and ideas of truth and reality creating a stream from art and belief systems that he seemed to move through weaving back and forth so naturally with ease.   Naturally I found him on Facebook and asked.  He was very polite and quick with responding back to me.  Caught me off guard to be honest. Have  you ever been intrigued by someone and you approach them and they just stare blankly at you speaking to them.  Well, I don’t know about you but it has happened more than once for me and has left me standing there feeling like an idiot as I realize I am talking to myself.  Not only did he respond to my letter with kindness but agreed to be a guest on the blog talk radio show I co-host with my sister, Heather Woodward.  The Psychic connection is radio for the Intuitive Listener and  airs live on Thursday afternoons at 1pm PST.  (for those that would like to tune in…you can also look up old shows and check what we have been discussing on air)

The last two weeks our shows have had massive technical difficulties and have left me feeling unbalanced and a little off tilt.  I had expressed this with my sister and I was uneasy about today’s interview.  I had begun to feel like our guests just wanted a soap box to speak from and had no real interest in engaging in a conversation of sharing ideas, concepts or possible other ways of looking at things.  Not to mention they just in general had no interest in letting anyone speak but themselves and their views expressed not only a narrow line of sight but didn’t allow room for explanations or curiosity to help better understand their pre-established speech they set forth as truth in ideas.

 DISCLAIMER….I mean no disrespect to anyone who has been on the show and has shared their thoughts, beliefs, and opened up their lives to allow us in to share this with you.   I mean no judgement towards any of you and only am expressing my own feelings from my own point of view from which I am having my own experiences within the reality I exist in.  I can not assume to know where anyone stands in their own experience and can only share how I experienced situations from where I am standing now inside myself.

As I was nervous not only how this show was going to unfold itself but also this guest is someone that I respect as an artist and a human being of great thought…..I had Heather host the show.  My heart was racing and my hands began to shake as I got him on the line before the show began.  Whether, fear, excitement or just plain nerves, when this happens I tend to fumble over my words or thoughts and eventually begin to speak fast in order to keep up with the information moving very fast inside my head.  This is my process when my heart begins to pound and blood begins to move quickly to my brain, I begin to think in warp speed and my speech reflects it to be true.  This can be a blessing or a curse depending on the situation.

The interview was amazing!  Not only was Ben an extremely delightful person but very engaged in conversation allowing all sorts of ideas and concepts in for view.  We talked about consciousness of course but also relationships, forgiveness, communication, art and children which somehow all seemed to weave in and out flawlessly throughout the conversation.

 He spoke of humanity and the beauty created from sadness with such events as 9/11 in our country.  Sometimes the most beautiful of flower grows int he darkest of places.  9/11 impacted us as a whole and as it rattled and shook us hard and good to awaken and open our eyes to the waking state of illusion we have been living in.  Regardless of the intent or cause of such an event it brought forth humanity filled with compassion and love for thy neighbor as a catalyst to awaken us all to the lost knowledge of this era that has dawned upon us.

In the moment of surrender when we choose to accept our fate as our own freewill we remove the chains of fear that has been bestowed upon us.  In death I have found that the sorrow and sadness have  been lifted to only have love and acceptance be restored in our hearts.  In that moment of choice it is no wonder there is no fear in the decision on a man escaping the demise of what was put upon him by taking his Own life on his Own terms by his Own choice to jump and take the leap of his Own design.

DISCLAIMER……I am not by any means saying that anyone should take their own life to escape or to be free of the sadness that can bestow itself upon our hearts.  Life is a precious gift that we have all chosen for ourselves and the universe has given us.  Cherish the moments as they arise for you and allow all emotions to sit with you momentarily as you understand and grow from them.  But , remember you need not cling to them or wrap yourself in them for the past is just that , behind you and they do not serve you well to encapsulate yourself  with fear to keep you  from harms way.

Life is but mirror and as you look around at the faces that emerge and show themselves speaking voices for ones ear to listen, Take notice as they are speaking your name because they share but glimpses of your own story.  We are constantly looking behind us as we sit in the now staring at the future.  Every moment and every experience  is a new opportunity to learn something new and see from a different light as our hearts radiate this pulse of need to be understood.  It is through each new player that our mind brings forth into our lives to replay the history of cycles that we find ourselves spinning in.

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you can contact Ben directly at Facebook

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10 Oct


Throughout my life people have always been asking where i find my wardrobe pieces. Whether make-up, accessories, Hair pieces or just simply my articles of clothing, People seem to be naturally curious of my style and flare.
Back in 2007 we had Opened a store front in Tucson, Az.  Though  it proved to be semi-successful many obstacles found themselves creating it challenging to stay thriving and alive.

  1. Image

  I have been wanting to re-open the shop for some time now but on different terms and with more experience and knowledge this time around to set the platform to create from.  Thanks to modern technology and my many years of collecting data and information and lots of trial and error, i have been able to to re-open the Red Ant store online through social media sites such as Etsy as well other consignment and art websites out there now for artists to sell and update mini stores through there media outlet. But that is for my own designs that I create myself for the public to purchase.

      I have wanted to open a 2nd hand clothing store for many years now and though there are many already out there i wanted to do something a little different.  As someone of the burner community and working with many talented and amazing performers, i wanted to put together a one stop shop that is mixed with new and used clothing, costumes, hats, bags, accessories, make-up , hair, toys, and much much more for all to shop at without having to travel to find these odds and ends for your personal wardrobe and costume chest.  WELL, now I have!  Le Cirque is this boutique brought to life in a cyber setting……

Grand Opening Soon!

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